10kW + 10kWh Off/On grid / Grid Tie Package A



UL Listed 10kw 120V / 240V off Grid/ or Grid Tie /  hybrid Inverter

10kW is enought to run Oven (3000W) and Dryer (5000W)  at the same time and still have some to spare


10kWh  (5kw x 2 )of  Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries.  (Enought to run the dryer for 2 hours, Oven for 4 hours, or the LED lights and refrigerators for 2 days)

100Ft Solar Cable  (50 ft Red 50Ft black 10 AWG)

5 place Battery Rack  (2 batteries supplied, leaving space for 3 x 5kwh Batteries)

2 Pairs of 6 ft Battery Cables,

1 x 200Ah DC Battery Breaker




Additional information

Weight 480 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 24 in