4-1 Solar Panel Combiner Box – 4 circuits to 1 (1 x 63A max output)


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Solar Combiner boxes make connecting multiple solar panels in series and parallel a breeze.

All your panel wiring troubles made really simple



63A DC Disconnect rated at 4kV DC  (4 pole x 1000VDC in series )

Double fuse protection – Each Solar Panel input is protected by a 15A Silica Fast Blow Fuse (On both Positive and Negative Legs)

DC Overcurrent protection rated at 63A at 4kV DC

Surge Protection 1000V DC, Imax 40kA, In 20kA Up >= 2.5kV

Diode Protection 25A, 1000V, per input string

4 PV Positive Fused Inputs and 4 PV Negative Fused Inputs



Metal Box  (no melting or fire hazard) IP65 Outdoor Weatherproof

Key Lockable

Each Circuit is fused 15A (on both Positive and Negative terminals )

Reverse Polarity Diode Protection

Available in a variety of configurations (4 to 1 , 4 to 2, 6 to 1 , 8 to 2, 8 to 1)

Acrylic face plate cover for full protection (most other suppliers simply ignore this feature) – often hundreds of volts

Surge Protection – 1000V

Specs, 15A per PV Input string

Max 63 A DC Output.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 8 in