7.2kWh- Battery 12/24/48V 15 yrs -6000 Cycles at 30% 8yr3000cl at 60% – Temp -40F to 150F -NO BMS or Thermal Protection required,



This listing consists of 4 pcs 150AH 12V batteries

At last, a truly safe and effective battery for the 1 to 150+ kWh storage requirements for solar installations.

This listing is for 4 x 12V 150ah units, each weighing 98.11 lbs

Call for quotes to CAN and MEX,

Islands and Territories( PR, HI, AK VI), we can ship to your local forwarder

These are shipped on pallets to you, available in quantities of 4 pcs upwards.  Maximum of 2000lbs per pallet shipping weight (30 pcs per pallet),

1 pc can technically be shipped via Fedex Ground,

  • Advanced technology for the solar age. Completely recyclable
  • Lower cost compared to Li-Ion
  • Similar Lifespan to Li-ion 6 to 15 yrs
  • Long lasting, fast charging capability, low internal resistance (see chart below independent analysis 6 to 15 yrs)
  • No Off-gassing, completely inert (used indoors in non ventilated spaces)
  • Capable of 100% depth of discharge, no memory effect
  • No thermal runaway, like Lithium based technologies
  • Non Combustible, Non Toxic, electrolyte is non corrosive,
  • Self Balancing – No BMS (battery Management) or Balancing required
  • No Equalization voltage required
  • Direct Drop in replacement for Flooded or Lead Acid Batteries (also compatible with most Lithium-ion based charge voltages)
  • No Pre Charging resistor required to connect to inverter- no BMS to tripping (resistor is still recommended to avoid a connection spark)
  • Huge Surge currents, similar to High CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) for Lead Acid Batteries
  • Used in starter and deep cycle applications
  • Wide temperature range from -40F to 158F


One 12V 150Ah battery weighs 98.11bs
3/8th lug required.
2 batteries configured as 12V or 24V at 4.8kWh
4 batteries configured as 12V or 24V or 48V at 7.2kWh
All kWh quoted over a 10 hour discharge time frame
Inverter Charging Parameters can be set to “AGM”  which is the default setting out the box – nothing else need be configured, however settings 12 and 13 need to be configured according to the following recommendations:
If charging with Utility
Setting 01 set to SBU
setting 12 , set to 11.5V/23V/46V
setting 13, set to 12.5/24.5/48V  (depending on whether your inverter is 12, 24 or 48V battery type)
set Util Charge current to the lowest it will go.  No point in charging your battery with Util when the Sun may be rising in a sort time.
If charging with generator  (you want to charge the battery as much as possible as quick as possible)
Two options:
Set setting 01 to UTL  (whenever the generator runs the battery charges)
or if set to SBU  (generator is auto start type)
setting 12 , same as above
setting 13, 14/28/56V depending on your system battery voltage


Nominal Voltage 12V/24V/48V
Nominal Capacity (10HR) 150AH (1.8kWH)
Length 19.02 inches
Width 16.69 inches
Container Height 9.45 inches
Approx Weight 98.11 lbs
Terminal M8
Container Material ABS

150AH / 10.0A (10hr, 1.80V / cell, 25℃ / 77℉)

Cranking Amps -40°C (-40°F) ⌁ +70°C (+158°F) 1000 – 1500
Reserve Capacity (@ 25A) 185 Minutes
Reserve Capacity (@ 75A) 47 Minutes
Max. Discharge Current 800A (8.0C) for 10 seconds
Internal Resistance Approx 2mΩ-5mΩ
Operating Temp. Range
Discharge: -40℃⌁70℃ (-40℉⌁158℉)
Charge: -20℃⌁50℃ (-20℉⌁122℉)
Storage: -20℃⌁50℃ (-20℉⌁122℉)
Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Max. With Immediate Recharge 100%
Recommended Max. 90%
Recommended for Extended Battery Life 50%
Cycle Use
Float Use
Regular Charge (recommended)
Quick Charge
Fast Charge
Ultra-Fast Charge
Recommended Charge Current (String)
Maximum Charge Current (String)
Self Discharge
2.45V/cell (Top Recommended
Charge Voltage)
2.27V/cell @ 0.6C
10A (0.1C) (10.5 Hours)
30A (0.3C) (3.2 Hours)
100A (1.0C) (1.1 Hours)
300A (3.0C) (25 Minutes)
10A (0.1C)
300A (3.0C)

self discharge
15⌁20% After 12 Months over 2 years @ 25C(77F)

Warranty:  5 years.

Warranty applies to systems which have a battery capacity of at least 2 x daily consumption.

example, if daily use is 12kwh,  a minimum requirement of 24kwh capacity is expected


Through experience, we find that ANY battery chemistry, when cycled 100% every day with high charge and discharge currents has a limited lifespan, some  LiFEPo4 batteries make it to about 3 months when worked hard

Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 32 × 11 in

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