Cable RS485 Solar Assistant Remote Monitoring NHX / Megarevo adaptor ( Use with Solar RS485 to USB Cable)





  • Interface cable between RS485 Connector and NHX models and Megarevo inverters

In Solar Assistant, USE the RS485 to USB cable for each inverter, use this interface cable to link from the two center pins CN35 on the NHX to go to the RJ45  RS485 Cable.

What is SolarAssistant?

SolarAssistant is software used to monitor and control your solar system. It is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi that is plugged into the solar inverter and optionally a battery BMS. The idea is that you leave the PI running permanently. The application can be accessed from a web browser or the Android/iPhone app via local network or the internet.

Live Data updates every second.


Package includes :

9 to 60V DC  to 5V DC Power supply for your PI  (connects directly to the Inverter battery)

Raspberry PI with 32GB Pre Loaded and Registered Software  (up to 10 years Data)

Use the USB Cable that is supplied with your Inverter to link the Pi with your Inverter (we have other cables available for MPP Solar and Deye if you need to connect via RS232 port)

One Solar Assistant PI can connect all your parallel connected inverters!  Not like Watch-power / Growatt Etc


Accessible via:

Bluetooth (No internet connection?, no problem)

Local Wifi Access Point (it has its own) – no internet required

Or link it up to the internet, and view your device from the Internet

Complete  security – Nothing is stored on a Cloud Server – NADA,  its all stored and remotely accessed right from the internet to YOUR Data Logger, these days your data is sold – not with Solar Assistant!


Viewable on Any Computer / Android / iPhone etc


Manuals and Instructions:


Can also connect directly to your EG4 Battery BMS and many others with RS485 communications

EG4, PylonTec


Use case video

Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in