Growatt 250V Dual PV Input – 48V 12000T MPV 12kW Split Phase 120V/240V output (100A at 120V ,50A at 240V) – Available in Palm Beach FL


48V 12KW Split Phase Low Frequency, 250V Solar Input Voltage Maximum  (192 Vmp)

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48V 12KW Growatt SPF 12000T DVM Low Frequency Split Phase 120V & 240VAC.
Supplies a massive 50A output at 120V (6kw per phase) , 50A at 240V (12kw)
USA Breaker Box compatible, L1 –  N –  L2  (120 – 0 – 120V)
Whole house power at 12kW
a massive 36kW surge capability
Wifi Module – Growatt Shine Link for your Iphone / Android available in our store
Grid Assist Feature bypasses the inverter in case of overload or programmable UPS function, or low battery
100A Utility/Generator Battery charger  (100A x 48V = 4800W at 240V Utility supply)
Generator Dry contact start output
Generator / Utility needs to supply 240V to charge the battery
Solar Panel Configuration:
Dual 3.5kw 250V MPPTs (use two separate arrays of 3.5kw or slight over paneling to 4kw-ish is acceptable)
2 x 60 (120A) (3.5kw + 3.5kw = 7kW) Solar MPPT Charge controller (60Vmp to 245Voc)  – Max 250V
Number of panels you can connect = 2 x  (3500W / [your panel wattage] – example 3500 /345W = 10 panels , 3500 / 240W = 15 panels etc)
if your Solar panels’ Vmp (Voltage at maximum power – the lower of the two numbers on your panel spec) (Not Voc) voltage is between 38.3 V and 57.5V, you can connect 4 in series with matching parallel strings to add up to the number of panels as in formula above. 20 x 40V panels would be connected in 4s3p (12 panels) on one input and 4s2 (8 panels) on the other
If your Vmp is between 28.75V and 38.3V you can connect 5 in series with matching series strings connected in parallel to add up to the number of panels as in formula above.  example: 30 x 35V panels would be connected in 5s3p on each PV input  (15 panels each)
If your Vmp is between 17V and 28.75V, then 6 in series with matching series strings connected in parallel to add up to the number of panels as in formula above. example 72 x 20V panels(maybe 100W) would be 6s6p (36 panels) – but remember there a 2 PV inputs so each input will be 6s6p and  6s6p
Can only be shipped by Freight (Fedex 201 lbs)  , freight charges are calculated according to your zip code
Breaker & Cable Recommendation:
  • AC Breaker Recommendation (double pole 240V)  6 AWG, 80A  (Input & Output)


  • PV Input DC breaker (10 AWG)= Total Solar Panel Watts / Solar Panel Array Voltage x 1.25  (example 20 x 300W (37Vmp) Solar Panels = 6000W of Solar connected in 5s configuration gives 37V x 5 =185V, 6000 / 185V=  32A, 32A x 1.25 (25% more) =  40A  (or a 50A DC breaker)


  • Battery Cables , 12000W / 48V = 250A x 1.25 = 300A DC Breaker to battery bank. (3 x 2 AWG)
Battery recommended to be no less than 500Ah (24kWH, can be Lead Acid, AGM, LifePO4, Li-Ion etc  any battery between 40 to 60V DC).
Battery is required to operate!
There is no maximum battery size recommendation  (Ah)
If more solar power is needed, simply purchase a separate solar charge controller(s)such as the PCM60x to add as much solar power as you want
user manual can be downloaded at
Efficiency >85%
Power Factor 1.0
Utility/Generator Charger tips:

The generator charger is a different beast to the solar charger. (Does not utilize the Bulk and Float Charge settings)
It works on a float valve type principle. (triggers when battery voltage drops below that on setting 12 – set the voltage higher than current battery voltage to start charging right away)
Stops charging from Generator when setting 13′ s voltage is reached
Will not start charging the battery again until it drops below battery voltage – in setting 12.

Setting 01 set to SBU to activate setting 12 and 13.
Setting 02, is the Max charging current from Solar + Utility/Generator
Setting 11, is the Maximum Generator/Utility charging current @ your battery voltage (not at 120V)
Setting 14, make sure this setting includes the option to charge from utility/generator (see manual)

Note, setting Setting 11 too high for your generator may cause your generator to falter at startup, and cause the Inverter Charger to lose synchronization with the Generator (58 to 63Hz), if in doubt start small, and work your way up.


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