Limited Special 3048LV-MK 48V 3kW 120V Inverter MPP Solar , 4kW Solar Charger (80A) , Parallel able and split phase up to 9 units, Zero Transfer Time


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Please take note of the special conditions of this sale.

14 day Warranty from watts247, 1 yr warranty from MPP Solar.  Not returnable / refundable after 14 days to watts247,  deal directly with

Brand new model.  Stackable to 9 units , thats 27kW in Split Phase, Single Phase, Two Phase or Three Phase output (Three phase requires at least 3 units)

Featuring Zero Transfer time.  In other words, when it switches from utility to Inverter in either direction, there is zero time delay.  Basically, Even when charging via utility it is always powering your load via the inverter, filtering any Grid Noise or spikes to your load No interruption

Parallel kits NOT Included, purchased separately

NO GRID FEEDBACK!! – Does and can not feed excess solar energy back to the grid,  (only the Hybrid LV2424 has this feature)

All-In-One unit: (Solar MPPT, Inverter, and Utility/Generator Charger)

REQUIRES A 48V BATTERY TO OPERATE – NO BATTERY = NO WORKIE!  Voltage needs to be above 44V to turn on – cold start  (safety feature) Recommended 200AH Max Voltage is 64V

3kW 120Vac 60Hz Pure Sine inverter output

80A MPPT Charge controller , up to 4Kw of Solar input  (60 to 115V DC Vmp)

Built in UPS / Power transfer as explained above

Stackable up to 9 units in any config

Max Utility charging current = 60A

Dry Contact Relay Programmable  (Start a Generator or do something when battery is charged or discharged)

USB Cable and port with included software (Watchpower)

Lithium ION and All Lead Acid battery compatible – also has a USER battery type you can program it

Any other questions, ask away!

Its basically half a LV5048 plus 20% more power



Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 8 in

Single $599, Pallet(20) $10420