Sol-Ark SA-8K Pre-Wired Hybrid Solar Inverter System


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Install Guide & Owners Manual


Max allowed PV power 11000W
Max PV Power per MPPT 6000W
Max DC voltage 500V
MPPT voltage range 150-425V
Starting voltage 175V
Number of MPPT 2
Solar strings per MPPT 2
Max DC current per MPPT 18A (self limiting)
Max AC Coupled Input (Micro/String Inverters 7,000W
Max Combined Solar Input 13,000W
AC Output
Connections 120/240 split phase
Continuous AC power on Solar or Battery 9000W 37.5A L-L (240V)
40A L-N (120V)
Surge AC power 5sec 20,000VA L-L (240V)
10,000VA L-N (120V)
Frequency 60/50Hz
Continuous AC power with Grid or Generator 12000W 50A L-L (240V)
6000W 50A L-N (120V)
CEC Efficiency 96.5% (Peak 97.5%)
Idle Consumption typical – no load 60W
Sell back power modes Limited to Household or Full Grid-Tied
Design (DC to AC) Transformerless DC
Response Time (Grid-Tied to Off-Grid) 4ms
Power Factor +-0.9 – 1.0
Battery (optional)
Type Lead-Acid or Li-Ion
Nominal DC Input 48V
Capacity 90 – 2000Ah
Voltage Range 42.0 – 59.0V
Continuous Battery charging output 190A
Charging curve 3-stage w/ equalization
Grid to Batter Charging Efficiency 96.0%
External temperature sensor included
Current shunt for accurate % SOC integrates
External Generator Start based on voltage of % SOC integrated
Communications to Lithium battery CanBus & RS485
Protection & Certifications
Electronics certified safety by SGS labs to NEC & UL Specs – NEC 690.4B & NEC 705.4/6 Yes
Grid Sell Back – UL1741 – 2010/2018, IEEE1547z-2003/2014, FCC classB, UL1741SA, CA Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H Yes
PV DC disconnect switch – NEC 240.15 integrated
Ground Fault Detection – NEC 690.5 integrated
PV rapid shutdown control – NEC 690.12 integrated
PV Arc Fault detection – NEC 690.11/UL1699B integrated
PV input lightning protection integrated
AC input/output 50XA breakers integrated
Battery breaker / disconnect integrated
User wiring enclosure 4/3/4″ & 1″ knock-outs integrated
Solar Flare/EMP Hardened to 2015 MIL-STD-461G (Independently testing June 2018) optional
Dimensions (H x W x D) 28.0″ x 17.375″ x 9.37″
Weight 75 lbs
Ensclosure NEMA type 1 (Indoor Use)
Ambient Temperature (4 speed variable fans) -25 to 55c, >45C derating
Display Color touch screen
Wifi Communication (monitoring or SW updates) integrated
Snap on sensors for limited selling to Household included
Standard Warranty 5 years
Optional Extended Warranty 10 years



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Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 10 in