2kwh 48V Lithium NMC Battery Pack with Cable and Anderson Connector and BMS – Only available for pickup or using your freight carrier


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These are lightly used battery packs we are selling off for cheap.

The images show they units on pallets.

The priomary image shows the LCD voltage display, each with its own breaker, Not all the units have the nice black case with BMS, others have the BMS mounted on the top of the unit with a large inline fuse,  they all have the same capacity and plug type (Anderson 75A)

We initially had  41 pcs in stock  ( 80kwh)- be sure to check qty on the listing  (will show)

Each battery “brick” has its own BMS, these are Nissan Leaf Batteries that have be re-configured for a 48V system

These batteries have the same vfoltage range as a LithioumIon Phosphase (LiFePO4 16s battery, ) as well as a lead acid 48V battery array.

These batteries can handle colder tempertures down to –

Charging voltage Range:

57.5V  (Bulk/Absorbtion)

56V Float

46V Low Cutoff

These have been taken off a working system, and have been running in parallel with 16S LiFePO4 batteries for a few months. They were part of a large 120kwh battery system, and as such, they did not work very hard at all, as each battery maxed out at 5A charging and discharge cycles ( they ran at a temperture between 50F and 70F)

These units each come with a 75A Anderson connector with about 1 to 2 ft or more of  cable.

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in