Hybrid 2 x LV2424 , 4.8kW 120V 240V Split Phase bundle package with 2 parallel kits


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USA 1 yr swap out warranty.


This listing includes 2 x Hybrid LV2424 with 2 x Parallel kits ($62 each)  (4800W at 24V)


Save over $100 on individual prices + shipping


Download the user manual at:

Hybrid LV2424 Manual


For Each Hybrid LV2424 – 5.5-in-1 Unit::

1) 2400 W Pure Sine wave output expandable up to 9 units (21.6 kW)

2) UPS function, built in 40A transfer relay ( switches to Utility upon low battery power)

3) 2000 W MPPT charge controller (30 to 115V PV Vmp DC Voltage – max 80A)

4) 60A Automatic Utility Battery Charger (Protect your batteries Should they run low during poor Sunlight conditions)

5) Single 120V 60Hz , Split phase (120V – 0 – 120V ) and 3 phase capable (requires parralel board for each unit)

5.5) Grid Tie function ( Anti Islanding, – Note: This inverter is NOT UL listed in the USA, for DIY enthusiast only, it is CE listed for European markets) – Send your excess power to slow your existing meter, once batteries are fully charged

This is a listing for ONE Hybrid LV2424 3kVA 2400W 110/120V inverter , 80A MPPT solar charger, and built in 60A Utility charger to keep your batteries charged if the Sun is inadequate, or your batteries are just running low in the middle of the night.
Runs on a 24VDC Battery bank. LiFePO4 + Lithium Ion support.
Supports grid tie and off grid functionality not UL Listed.

If you need two units for split phase operation, see our split phase listing. This unit excludes the parallel module, whereas the other bundled listings includes it.
This unit will operate just fine on its own for single phase 110V/120V, and is upgradable / stackable for future single / split phase or three phase operation. An excellent start to grow your installation, or if you just simply need one more inverter to add to your existing array.

Stackable up to 9 units in any configuration up to 2.4kW x 9 = 21.6kW

Software included.


User manual can be found at:


Parallel Diagram:


Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 18 in


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