LV6048 6kW Split Phase Hybrid 120V/240V- 2 x 80MPPT Inputs (8Kw Solar) parallel-able to 18kw – Open box


Single or Split phase 6kW 120V/240V, 48V , can be daisy chained up to 3 units (18 kW)

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These units have 2 yr US warranty through our partner, warranty note included inside package

Note the quickest way to kill this (or any inverter for that matter) unit is to have an undersized battery that shuts off under load, or shuts power to the inverter while its under load. recommend 200 to 300ah 48V battery minimum.
Similar to shutting off your fuel pump to turn off your car, it will eventually destroy something.
Remember to set your low DC cutoff HIGHER than the battery cutoff, so that the inverter can shut down gracefully before the battery cuts out.
See end of this description to see product comparison guide.
These inverters require a battery to operate and turn on. (Will not turn on via AC power  or Solar Power without a battery)
Inverter and dual charge controller, capable of parallel operation of up to 3 units  (6 kW each) to 18 kW
This listing is for 1pc (6kW)
7 in 1
   1 )  Dual Internal Pure sine wave Configurable  Inverter
   1a) Configured as single phase 6kW at 120V,   (0 Degree Phase shift, Output L1 and L2 connected together)
   1b) 6kW Split phase inverter   120V – 0 V – 120V (240V between L1 and L2)  (180 Degree Phase shift between L1 and L2)
   1c) a two phase 208V inverter  ( 120 Degree Phase Shift between L1 and L2 )
   1d) With three inverters, a three phase ( L1 , L2 and L3 being 120 Degrees apart, as in three phase systems)
   2)  Dual 4 kW Solar charge controllers per unit  (8 kW in total )
   3) 60 A Utility Battery Charger  (Will automatically charge your battery from Utility power in the event of low battery voltage – remember not 60A from Utility – 60 A to Battery, 60A x 48V = 2.8kW = 23A at 120V input)
   4) Internal Transfer Relay, will switch your load to Utility power if your battery Voltage drops below a user setpoint voltage.
   5)  Can operate as a stand along UPS system  (does not require solar panel input)  Will switch your load over to battery power in the event of power failure
   6)  Has programmable dry contact relay, can be triggered on a programmable range of battery voltages and levels  (can be used to start a generator, or an alarm or whatever you choose to do with it)
   7) Grid Assist mode,  in two ways, will switch your load over to Utility in the event of overload, or will supplement Solar and battery from Utility.
Each 6kW unit consists of 2 x 4kW Solar Chargers – Capable of supporting a total Solar array of 8kW, of a voltage range between 60 to 110V DC, MAX DC voltage is 145V
a 12kW system (2 units) is capable of supporting a 16 kW solar array in 4 circuits of 4kW
a 18kW system (3 units) is can support 24 kW solar array in 6 circuits of 4 kW
This unit can be programmed in a variety of ways, single phase, two phase (3 phase minus one phase) and split phase (120V -0V – 120V) as found in traditional North American Homes.
These units are pretty heavy at 72lbs each,  so expect up to 5 days shipping.
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Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 26 × 10 in