PIP – 1012LV-MS – 1000W 120Vac output, 40A Mppt (500W Solar) 20A Util charger

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The long awaited 1000W , 12 V inverter and Charge controller

Replacing the popular 800W 812LV model

Ideal of small Off Grid Applications, Camping, Sheds, RVs
USA Stock and Shipping & Pro Tech Support!
Manuals & Software  (+ more ) can be found at
Buyer beware:
            – there are currently Chinese copies of this product using inferior electronics and software

            – If you buy from outside the US, there may be a new 25% import duty slapped onto your “bargain” buy, if you need support, don’t get your hopes up

An extremely popular unit! ·  
Here is a UNSPONSORED Youtube review by William Prowse :
An extremely popular unit! ·     
Compatible with many Battery Technologies (Lead Acid, Flooded, AGM, Lithium, LiFePO4,  can all be configured by using the “manual” battery setting)
93% Efficient
Dual Battery Charge mode, (Solar and Utility/ Generator)  
1000 VA / 1000W Inverter ·       
12V DC to 120V AC ·       
40A MPPT (maximum power point tracking) ·  – can be overpaneled up to 800W      (Charging watts is controlled by the battery current setting)
120V Genset /Generator or Utility input to charge the 12 V battery at 20A 
Ideal for RV’s , Cabins and homes with 12V battery power, can start your generator automatically / or j just switch over to utility power if battery runs low during poor daylight / night time. (and recharge the battery at the same time)
Perfect for keeping your furnace/ electrical refrigerator running through the night without having to run the generator to keep the battery charged.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 9 in

1 review for PIP – 1012LV-MS – 1000W 120Vac output, 40A Mppt (500W Solar) 20A Util charger

  1. Greg F.


    I purchased this unit mid Sept 2020, and yeah it was a couple of months to arrive (early-mid Nov). As I am a DIYer, I used that time to read through the instruction manual . . . a couple of times.

    However, once I received the unit and got it installed, it has been working without any issues.

    Thank you “MPP Solar” for such an awesome product!

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