Silicate Gel 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V Builder, Temp Range -40F to 150F

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Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (10HR)250AH
Length 20.86 inches
Width 10.70inches
Container Height 10.62 inches
Approx Weight 161 lbs
Terminal M8
Container Material ABS
264AH / 5.5A (20hr, 1.80V / cell, 25℃ / 77℉)
240AH / 10.0A (10hr, 1.80V / cell, 25℃ / 77℉)
192AH / 17.0A (5hr, 1.75V / cell, 25℃ / 77℉)
Cranking Amps -40°C (-40°F) ⌁ +70°C (+158°F) 1000 – 1500
Reserve Capacity (@ 25A) 185 Minutes
Reserve Capacity (@ 75A) 47 Minutes
Max. Discharge Current 800A (8.0C) for 10 seconds
Internal Resistance Approx 2mΩ-5mΩ
Operating Temp. Range
Discharge: -40℃⌁70℃ (-40℉⌁158℉)
Charge: -20℃⌁50℃ (-20℉⌁122℉)
Storage: -20℃⌁50℃ (-20℉⌁122℉)
Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Max. With Immediate Recharge 100%
Recommended Max. 90%
Recommended for Extended Battery Life 50%
Cycle Use
Float Use
Regular Charge (recommended)
Quick Charge
Fast Charge
Ultra-Fast Charge
Recommended Charge Current (String)
Maximum Charge Current (String)
Self Discharge
2.45V/cell (Top Recommended
Charge Voltage)
2.27V/cell @ 0.6C
24A (0.1C) (10.5 Hours)
72A (0.3C) (3.2 Hours)
240A (1.0C) (1.1 Hours)
720A (3.0C) (25 Minutes)

self discharge
15⌁20% After 12 Months over 2 years @ 25C(77F)

Warranty:  3 years.

Warranty applies to systems which have a battery capacity of at least 2 x daily consumption.

example, if daily use is 12kwh,  a minimum requirement of 24kwh capacity is expected.

Charge Rate for best lifespan = 0.2C  or 20A per 100Ah, so a 250Ah battery will be about 50A or less  (allowing up to 5 hours charge time)


Through experience, we find that ANY battery chemistry, when cycled 100% every day with high charge and discharge currents has a limited lifespan, some  LiFEPo4 batteries make it to about 3 months when worked hard


Used alone – Can also be paralled with Lithium batteries to add some extra Low Voltage and Temperature abilities to your battery lithium pack. Will keep going when Lithium BMSs cut out due to overload or Temperature issues, to protect your inverter from unexpected BMS outages


Same voltage ranges as most Lithium 4s, 8s, and 16s LiFePO4 batteries.  (48V example –  (4 x 12V batteries in series —  42V to 58V,  Recommended, Bulk Charge = 57.5V, Float 55V – same as 16s LiFePO4 battery 51.2V, 5.1kWh, your Lithiums will cutout near 48V (9% SOC) no matter what the Mnfr states )