Solar Cable with MC4 ends – 12 AWG -60 ft (30ft Black and 30 ft Red)


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12AWG cable approx 2.5 sq mm

The thickness of insulation layer may vary from batch to batch, but the copper core shall meet the requirements and be of high quality tinned copper wire.

Note: Our cable core uses 56/52 strands of tinned copper wire.
Copper wire tin plating refers to the process of plating a thin layer of metal tin on the surface of the copper wire.
The advantages of tinned copper wire compared to pure copper wire:
1. The tin plating of the copper wire is mainly to prevent the copper from being oxidized to form a layer of film-copper green when exposed to the air.

2. In addition, tin plating of copper wires can also prevent the insulating rubber from sticking, making the core black and brittle, and improve its solder ability. Tinned copper wire is mainly used for rubber insulated mine cables, flexible wires, flexible cables and marine cables as conductive cores, as well as outer shield braid and brush wires of cables.



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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in