UL-Listed Combo Kit, 15KW Sol-Ark, with 25kWh SOK LiFePO4 batteries + Pallet 15kw 550W mono bifacial Panels see conditions – 2024 Savings



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10 yrs warranty on Sol-Ark and SOK batteries + up to 25 yrs on solar panels

With More and more States/counties getting strict,  we have this awesome package for you

With this Sol-Ark 15K, you should have no problems passing inspection, you will be able to use power from your batteries at Peak Power Rate, and charge batteries at Low Rates, and much more,  add up to 18kw of solar panels right now, or in future, as and when your budget requires

You can even feed back power from your batteries to Grid during peak times.

Truly limitless!

Includes :

Sol-Ark 15K,  Limitless Inverter  (designed to be  tied directly into your 200A Utility feed, then into your main panel)

Grid Feedback capable
Load Time Shifting.
SOK 25kWh batteries (5 x 5.12kwh), UL Listed
Battery Cables Supplied.

1 x Steel 5 Battery Rack,

1 x Pallet 550W Canadian  / Boviet / Byd  Solar Panels  monocrystalline bifacial 15kw approx 27 panels + 4 free (for breakages)

1000 Ft 10 AWG PV Wire ( 500 ft Red , 500 ft Black )


Connection method for batteries.

Connect all batteries in parallel via cable provided to the Sol-Ark

Connect the software to the SOk batteries via PC and set to PYLONTECH CANBUS

Connect all short Cat5 cables between batteries

Battery with Link Port 0 empty will be MASTER  (connect CAT5 cable from this battery to Sol-Ark CANBus Port)

Set battery type to Lithium, and thats it!



Additional information

Weight 3150 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 48 × 65 in