Clearance U5648GK 5000kw (230vac OUTPUT Only – No US Split phase) – not returnable , TW support only


This PIP-GK series is a brand new model with combined features from PIP-GE (PF1.0, high PV input voltage, battery-optional operation) and PIP-MS series (remote LCD display, built-in MPPT solar charger), with these NEW features —

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NEW! Batteryless Operation Support

● NEW! Improved Monitoring Features
(Removable USB / RS232, RS485, Bluetooth)
● NEW! Removable LCD Control Display (20m)
● NEW! Reserved BMS port for Pylontech battery
only (select models)
● Max  5KW, 48V model
● High frequency pure sine wave design
● High PV Input up to 500V open circuit
● Max 80A MPPT solar charging (up to 5KW PV max)
● Equalization Charging
● Max charging voltage  61V @ 48V
● Suitable for Off-Grid or with Grid backup
● Generator starter dry contact port
● Programmable parameters on LCD
● Max up to 60A utility charging
● Lightweight, easy to install
● FREE monitoring software
● LCD Display + LED indicators



Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 9 in