Complete SOK LiFePO4 Server Rack Battery 25.6kwh Kit, Bundle + Save



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With this battery kit, we include everything you need to assemble a massive 25 kWh battery pack. Simply add an inverter/solar controller with this kit and set off to the races,

enough power to run a 4kw Drier for 5 Hours!

100 miles of charge on a Tesla (Assuming 4 miles per kWh)

50 Miles on a Ford Lightning (Assuming 2 miles per kWh)

Kit Includes:

  • 5x SOK 48v 100ah LiFePO4 Server Rack Batteries
  • 1x 5 Slot Rack
  • 4 sets of 9 inch 2/0 pure copper battery interconnection cables
  • 1 set of 7 foot 2/0 pure copper main power leads
  • 4 sets of 1 foot long RJ45 pack to pack communication cables
  • 1 set of 6 foot long RJ45 rack to rack communication cables



  • FYI – 5 slot racks are included free with each purchase of 5 batteries, or sold separately if you wanted less batteries.
  • 48 Volt (51.2 Nominal) 100Ah, 5.12 kWh
  • 20 Year Typical Lifespan & 10 Year Warranty
  • Cells rated for 80% Capacity after 4000 Cycles, 100% DOD @1C Rate
    • Typical capacity at 80% DOD @.5C Rate is over 7000 Cycles
  • Maintenance Free
  • Built-In Smart Battery Management System (BMS)
  • 5 Temperature sensors, protected from low and high temperatures
  • Pre-Charge Circuit to Prevent BMS Damage
  • Detachable cover, user serviceable BMS and cells
  • RS485 & CANBus communication, works with many inverters.
  • Rack Mountable for quick and easy installation
  • Well-written English instruction manual & documentation here.

About the certification:

The SK48v100 has been tested by Intertek Laboratories and has been tested to conform to UL 1973 standards. The draft testing report is available here and a final version of this report will be posted soon (Approx. Mid October).

Why is UL listing important?

Local AHJ’s (authority having jurisdiction) have began adopting 2017 NEC that requires batteries and energy storage system to be listed. This excludes non-listed packs from being used in a system that is code-compliant (permitted). Now that the SK48v100 is listed to UL standards, it can be used in a system that is permitted, inspected and insured.

Often times insurance providers will deny a claim for damage if an unlisted system is involved in a claim, even if the unlisted system is not the cause of such claims.

About the packs already shipped and installed:

The certification to UL1973 standards utilizes the same hardware that the SK48v100 has used since its initial conception, therefore, existing equipment conforms to the requirements for UL1973. If you have these initial packs that do not bear the “Conforms to UL1973 standards” label, then you may contact us for these labels.



In stock while supplies last.


RS232 – USB Cable for PC Programming

5 Slot Rack

RJ45/CAT5e Patch Cables

Inverter Communications Cables | For SOK 48v100Ah Server Rack Battery


Why do you request inverter type?

A: Since the inverter is controlled by the battery, some inverters require special settings changed within the batteries.  The primary example being SMA’s Sunny Island, which require adjustments to the BMS protection parameters because it is slower to respond to the requests made by the BMS, so more conservative values must be used.  The listed inverters operate successfully in a closed-loop communication operation method.  If you are not using closed-loop communications, please select “Other”.

Will “X, Y, or Z” inverter communicate with this battery?

Supports communication with MPP Solar inverters  (LV6548 and LVX6048) , Certain-models of Growatt inverters, SMA Sunny Island (With appropriate setting changes).

If my inverter doesn’t communicate, can I still use this battery?

Yes, however you will need to manually set the appropriate settings within the inverter manually, and run these batteries in an open-loop, voltage control based configuration.

What is the cost to ship to my address?

Due to the weight and nature of this product, it must be shipped by Freight versus standard FedEx/UPS ground.  The shipping price is calculated based on your location during checkout. There is a base charge for the first battery, however additional batteries only add a minimal cost. If our shipping charge is above the actual cost, we will issue a refund.

Can you ship to Hawaii/Alaska/Canada?

For shipping to Hawaii/Alaska/Canada, you must setup your own freight forwarder; we can ship to their warehouse but you must setup and cover all costs associated with freight forwarding.

Can I pickup from your warehouse?

Yes, pickups in our Mount Pleasant UT warehouse are acceptable




Electrical Properties
Model SK48v100
Nominal Voltage 51.2 (48v Range)
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Run Time at 20A Load (~1000w) 300 Minutes
Energy 5120Wh
Self Discharge < 3% per month
Max Batteries in Series 1
Max Batteries in Parallel (with BMS communication) 15*
Maximum Terminal Feedthrough Current 350 Amps
Discharge Performance
Max Continuous Discharge Current 100A (1C)
Peak Discharge Current 125A (3 Seconds, automatic shutdown)
Short Circuit Protection 300a, 200µs
BMS Low-Voltage Disconnect 46v
BMS Low-Voltage recover 48v
Charge Performance
Recommended Charge Current 0~63A
Maximum Charge Current (Continuous) 100A
Recommended Charge (Absorption) Voltage 57.6
BMS Cell Protection Voltage 3.7v
BMS Pack Protection Voltage >58.2v
Temperature Performance
Discharge Temperature -4°F – 140°F
Charge Temperature 32°F – 113°F
Storage Temperature 23°F – 95°F
Low Temperature Charge Protection Yes
Internal Temperature Sensors 4 Cell Sensors, 1 BMS Sensor, 1 Ambient Air Sensor
Physical Properties
Case Material Powder-Coated Steel
Rack Mountable Yes, 4U
Dimensions Width: 17.5in (Without ears – Fits standard 18″ rack with ears installed)

Height: 7in (4 rack units)

Depth: 18in + 1 1/4″ for handles / terminals

Unit Weight 99.2Lbs
Weather Rating IP20
Third Party Testing Pack UL1973 Testing Passed – Certified packs anticipated to ship from Current Connected September 2022

UL9540 Testing in progress.  ETA Q4 2022

Shipping Classification UN3480, Class 9, MSDS



Additional information

Weight 1150 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 in