Q CELLS 6.3kWh batteries, note these are rated at 100Vdc(85 to 118Vdc) – (but can easily be used for 50V – 42.5 to 59V) see video on using on a 48V system.


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Kit includes 2 x 63A DC breakers, Din Rail and 2 pcs Red and Black heatshrink.


The 6.3kWh battery is designed for the Solax/Qcells solution without modifications (up to 3 batteries are wired in series for a 100 to 300V DC inverter supply)  (Picture of battery shows Right of Inverter,  battery on left has an extra Inverter Shutoff module – not included)

The battery consists of two separate 50V each with its own BMS , wired externally in series to make 100V (85 to 118Vdc) or can be wired externally without opening the battery case to 50V  (42.5V to 59V)

The internal BMS has balancing functions, but no over voltage or over current cut out circuitry (does include internal fuses)

Charging of NMC cells is recommended to be at 4V per cell for maximum lifespan (as the battery comprises two completely isolated 14s configurations 14 x 4V = 56V, but can be charged to 4.2V per cell, which is 58.8V) which is well within the operating range of a 16S LiFePO4 cells configuration (found in standard rack mount 5.1Kwh batteries) which operate at this same voltage range  (LiFePO4 cells are rated to 3.6V per cell)  so running these batteries configured for 48V/50V would run in parallel with LifePO4 16s just fine if need be.

NOTE:  operating these batteries as described above is for the advanced user only, we will not entertain any warranty or damages configured in this manner. We are merely instructing you what is possible

Personally, we have been running 14s Li-NMC batteries in parallel with 16s LiFePO4 rack batteries for many years. We do prefer that the LiFePO4 batteries communicate with the Inverter , but not absolutely necessary.

Batteries are NOT returnable, so make sure you read the above first

ONLY Shipped on pallets via Freight to closest Fedex terminals

The Low temperature ranges for NMC  (Same as used in Evs) offer lower operating temperatures , superior to LiFePO4.


Battery Overview

6.3kWh Unit

Total Capacity
Power: Peak
Depth of Discharge
Roundtrip Efficiency

Warranty & Life Information

Warranty  ( when used with QCell / Solax inverter configurations, maximum of 3 batteries in series  (300V))
10 Years
Warranties are an indication of the overall quality of the battery. Look for a high number of cycles, a high percentage of end-of-life usable capacity, and a large number of years warrantied.

Physical Characteristics

Battery Dimensions
913.0 mm L
560.0 mm W
276.0 mm D


Off-Grid Capable

Backup Capable

Product Certifications

Organizations like the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) create national and international standards for energy storage systems to ensure any products on the market meet certain specifications for safety and reliability reasons.


Additional information

Weight 151 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 16 in