12V 250AH 3kWh Battery Best Price per kWh – 15 yrs -6000 Cycles at 30% 8yr3000cl at 60% – Temp -40F to 150F -NO BMS or Thermal Protection required, Non Corrosive, non explosive, perfect solution. See cart for Vol Discount


⌁ Non-Corrosive World Patent Protected Electrolyte
That Extends Battery Life
⌁ Over 2,500 Charging Cycles at 50% DOD
⌁ Extreme High & Low Temperature Performance
⌁ Low Self Discharge Rate, Maintain 80% Over 2
⌁ No Memory Effect
⌁ Fast Charge in 60 Minutes (high amp charger
⌁ Non-Explosive
⌁ Non-Hazardous
⌁ Recyclable
⌁ Fully Sealed, No Venting
⌁ No Maintenance
⌁ Operates Normally at High Altitude
⌁ Use in both Starter and Deep Cycle applications

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This is for 1 pcs 12V 250ah Battery (3kwh)


Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (10HR)250AH
Length 20.86 inches
Width 10.70inches
Container Height 10.62 inches
Approx Weight 161 lbs
Terminal M8
Container Material ABS
264AH / 5.5A (20hr, 1.80V / cell, 25℃ / 77℉)
240AH / 10.0A (10hr, 1.80V / cell, 25℃ / 77℉)
192AH / 17.0A (5hr, 1.75V / cell, 25℃ / 77℉)
Cranking Amps -40°C (-40°F) ⌁ +70°C (+158°F) 1000 – 1500
Reserve Capacity (@ 25A) 185 Minutes
Reserve Capacity (@ 75A) 47 Minutes
Max. Discharge Current 800A (8.0C) for 10 seconds
Internal Resistance Approx 2mΩ-5mΩ
Operating Temp. Range
Discharge: -40℃⌁70℃ (-40℉⌁158℉)
Charge: -20℃⌁50℃ (-20℉⌁122℉)
Storage: -20℃⌁50℃ (-20℉⌁122℉)
Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Max. With Immediate Recharge 100%
Recommended Max. 90%
Recommended for Extended Battery Life 50%
Cycle Use
Float Use
Regular Charge (recommended)
Quick Charge
Fast Charge
Ultra-Fast Charge
Recommended Charge Current (String)
Maximum Charge Current (String)
Self Discharge
2.45V/cell (Top Recommended
Charge Voltage)
2.27V/cell @ 0.6C
24A (0.1C) (10.5 Hours)
72A (0.3C) (3.2 Hours)
240A (1.0C) (1.1 Hours)
720A (3.0C) (25 Minutes)

self discharge
15⌁20% After 12 Months over 2 years @ 25C(77F)

Warranty:  3 years.

Warranty applies to systems which have a battery capacity of at least 2 x daily consumption.

example, if daily use is 12kwh,  a minimum requirement of 24kwh capacity is expected.

Charge Rate for best lifespan = 0.2C  or 20A per 100Ah, so a 250Ah battery will be about 50A or less  (allowing up to 5 hours charge time)


Through experience, we find that ANY battery chemistry, when cycled 100% every day with high charge and discharge currents has a limited lifespan, some  LiFEPo4 batteries make it to about 3 months when worked hard

Additional information

Weight 161 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 11 in